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Global Challenges and Enhancing Opportunities Hong Kong, October 13-15, 2011

Topic: Thornton

Opening Night Gala

HONG KONG (For Immediate Release) The 2011 USC Global Conference opened with a roaring success—a lion’s roar, that is—as USC president C. L. Max Nikias (r.) and Hong Kong Finance Secretary John Tsang (l.) inaugurated the three-day conference with a ceremonial “waking” of a lion in a traditional Chinese lion dance. The waking was a symbol of both the beginning of the conference, and the larger emergence of the “Age of the Pacific” that is a focus of the University of Southern California.

Musical Dispatch from Taiwan

As the 2011 Global Conference kicks into high gear, several of the professional schools are hosting Asia region events in tandem with the main conference events. The following dispatch from Taipei, Taiwan, comes courtesy of Dean Robert Cutietta of the USC Thornton School of Music:

“I just have to bring you up-to-date on an amazing event this past Tuesday night in  Taipei.  Nine Thornton alumni rented out the National Recital Hall in downtown Taipei and


Under the banner of “Global Challenges and Enhancing Opportunities,” USC hosts its 2011 Global Conference in Hong Kong Oct. 13 to 15. Remarks by USC president C. L. Max Nikias and a keynote address by Thomas L. Friedman set the stage for a program of leading experts providing global perspectives on technologies and the economy, global health and the environment, and governance and cultural landscapes. Follow us on Twitter #USCHK.