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USC Global Conference News

Global Challenges and Enhancing Opportunities Hong Kong, October 13-15, 2011

Audio: Keynote and Panels

Complete audio files are available for the following sessions:

10-14-2011 Keynote: Thomas L. Friedman


10-14-2011 Plenary Session: “The Future of Business in a Global World”


10-14-2011 Session: “The Grand Challenges of Engineering”


10-14-2011 Session: “Opportunities for Collaboration Between the China and U.S. Cinema Industries”


10-14-2011 Session: “Pacific Rim Disasters and their Effects on Mental Health”


10-14-2011 Session: “Resilient Urban Environments”


10-15-2011 Session: “2012 and U.S.-China-Taiwan Relations”


10-15-2011 Session: “Financial Crisis”


10-15-2011 Session: “Future Cities: Collaborative Approaches to Visual Art, Architecture, Design, and Urbanism”


10-15-2011 Session: “A Revolution of Conscience—Can Holocaust and Genocide Testimonies Help Prevent Violent Societies in the Future?”


10-15-2011 Session:”The Power of the Arts in Cultivating Cultural Landscapes”



10-15-2011 Session: “Is University-based Research Relevant in the Fight Against Terrorism?”


Under the banner of “Global Challenges and Enhancing Opportunities,” USC hosts its 2011 Global Conference in Hong Kong Oct. 13 to 15. Remarks by USC president C. L. Max Nikias and a keynote address by Thomas L. Friedman set the stage for a program of leading experts providing global perspectives on technologies and the economy, global health and the environment, and governance and cultural landscapes. Follow us on Twitter #USCHK.